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Reno Foreclosures Down, Rents Down, Reno Home Prices Up, Reno Real Estate In a meltup…

A complete melt-up of Reno home prices just in the last few months as AB249 which effectively benched most lender’s from foreclosing¬†has slowed Reno foreclosures to a crawl. We saw a sharp drop from around 600 Reno foreclosures in September to single digits by fall.

Yes… I am concerned about a buildup of shadow inventory on top of the existing shadow inventory.

Investor’s have made a killing in the sub $125,000. SFR range. Reno home prices are up 50 to 100% in less than a year in this price point ¬†and appreciated around 10% a month this last quarter alone¬†in the Reno homes for sale market. I am¬†waving a¬†caution flag¬†for investor’s looking to flip in this price range however¬†as the train may have left the station. It is hard to get them to appraise so that many times an Investor has to buy for cash or add cash to make up the difference of the low appraisal. It is¬†concerning¬†to see this many Investor’s dogpiling into town frankly!

Long term Investor’s and primary Reno home buyer’s are still cool to buy in my opinion as it is still cheaper to buy than rent which of course results in a positive cash flow for most investor’s.¬†Be careful not to get caught in the hype though and use a Reno Realtor and Reno Loan Officer that returns e mails and calls¬†or you are toast getting a fast moving deal.¬†

However; watch out for continued rental declines as the pool of tenant’s has shrunk with people not¬†needing a rental home¬†after losing their home in foreclosure, renter’s becoming buyer’s (cheaper to own than rent) declining¬† jobs and population etc.¬†People that would normally be thrown into the rental pool (after losing their home)¬†can now live for free with no mortgage, taxes HOA dues etc. thanks to AB249. Additionally,¬† many Investor’s rent their homes without paying their mortgage now¬†which means they can reduce rents.

So here’s the deal; the foreclosures in Reno are at such lows that you need to contact me to keep on top of it and I will set you up for auto e mails and you may have to jump on them sometimes the same day and be prepared for yes; multiple offers. Keep in mind Reno Investor’s can be sidelined for around 30 days on many of the bank owned homes in Reno though. You need to watch the back on the market plays as many first time buyer’s can’t come up with the appraisal deficit to buy with only 3.5% down.

So… hope this makes sense and helps, this is Ron Bell, Realtor in Reno, Coldwell Banker Select Group, I can be reached at 775-750-5256.

Oh yeah, not to date myself but I do answer and return calls and e mails :).

Foreclosures,bank owned homes in Reno Nv Nevada area overview

Hot Pads has this great heat mapof Reno bank owned homes and color coded ratios. The homes for sale are one blog below this link.  This saves sooooo much time having this at our fingertips:,viewed,favorite&areaBorders=heatMapForeclosurePerHousehold


Enclosed is an overview of Reno bank owned homes, Reno foreclosures, Reno short sales, Reno R.E.O. homes etc.¬† Click on a rooftop to get more info.¬† Be carefull not to pay as this site may direct you to pay sites.¬† I can generally get you what you need…,0.0525,0&visible=new,viewed,favorite